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Foreign Events

Program Summary

Coverages at competitive premiums for events outside of the U.S., up to 5,000 attendees per day. Both single event risks and multiple event risks (annual policies) are eligible.

Available for U.S. based insureds with events outside the U.S.


 Single EventMultiple/Annual
DescriptionCoverage for a single foreign event.Annual coverage for foreign events.
Daily Attendees per Eventup to 5,000up to 5,000
Number of Events11 or more
Events must be declared in advanceYesYes
Split Dates AllowedNoNo
Budget SizeAll BudgetsAll Budgets
Coverage TerritoryWorldwide (Other than US)Worldwide (Other than US)
Policy Termup to 12 monthsAnnual
Coverage LinesInland Marine, Liability, Contingent AutomobileInland Marine, Liability, Contingent Automobile
Minimum Premium

*Minimum premiums exclude applicable taxes and fees. Actual premiums will depend upon the location, coverages, limits and other factors specific to the risk.

Eligible Events

To be eligible for Foreign Event Package, the Event must:

  1. Not have stunts, pyrotechnics or underwater activities.
  2. Not more than 5,000 attendees per day.


Coverages available through the Foreign Production Package include:

  • Rented Equipment
  • Props, Sets and Wardrobe
  • General Liability
  • Contingent Automobile Liability
  • Automobile Physical Damage
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