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Film & Video Productions

(U.S. & Worldwide Single or Multiple Productions)
Insurance coverages on a short term or annual basis for the planning, creating, developing, or shooting of film or related media. Includes pre-production, post-production and related production activities.
- Short Term Productions
- Low Budget Feature Film
- Feature Film
- Foreign Productions
- DICE/Annual Productions
- Film Schools
- Adult Entertainment
- Movie Boat
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Entertainment Services

(U.S. & Worldwide)
Coverage for various types of businesses that provide support services to the entertainment industry, such as rental houses, various types of studios, shell corps, photographers, videographers and DJ's.
- Photographers, Videographers, DJ's
- Recording, Editing, Pre/Post Production Studios
- Rental Houses
- Shell Corps
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Equipment, Film, & Valuables Floaters

(U.S. & Worldwide)
All risk coverage for personal or commercial property schedules of any size.
- Entertainment Equipment Floater
- Film Print Floater
- Personal Valuables Floater
- Contractors Equipment Floater
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Special Events

(U.S. & Worldwide Single or multiple events)
Coverage for over 200 classes of events available on either a per event or annual basis. Concerts, plays, fairs, weddings, and more.
- Concerts
- Single Special Event
- Annual Events
- Event Cancellation
- Foreign Events
- Promoters
- Venues
- Theatrical Groups
- Touring Entertainers
- Wedding Cancellation
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Trade Show Vendors & Exhibitors

(U.S. & Worldwide Single or multiple events)
Provides coverage for a show organizer, vendor, exhibitor or concessionaire at a Trade Show, Festival, Fair and similar festivities.
- Annual Vendors & Exhibitors
- Vendors & Exhibitors
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Errors & Omissions

Provides Producers & Distributors E&O Coverage. Limits up to $5,000,000, coverage term up to 3 years.
- Producers E&O
- Distributor E&O
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