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Adult Entertainment Insurance

Program Description | Eligible Stunts | Coverage Definitions

Program Summary

Comprehensive coverage for adult entertainment risks are available under three programs:

Short Term Productions Single Production or Series up to 1,000,000 in Gross Production Costs. Maximum duration 60 days.
Production Portfolio Single Production or Series up to 15,000,000 in Gross Production Costs. Maximum duration 18 months.
DICE/Annual Productions Annual/renewable policy for risks with multiple productions throughout the year with up to 15,000,000 in Gross Production Costs.


Available coverages include:

Inland Marine Rented Equipment, Owned Equipment, Props, Sets and Wardrobe, Negative & Faulty Stock, Third Party Property Damage, Extra Expense, Office Contents, Cast, & more
General Liability
General liability (including increased limits)
Stunt Buyback
Automobile Automobile Liability, Physical Damage
Excess Liability Total policy limits available up to 10,000,000

Cast Extra Expense (Now Available)

Cast extra expense is now available for production programs. Coverage options include blanket coverage with sickness (no medicals required), blanket coverage without sickness, and family bereavement.

Cast limits available are 100%, 75%, 50% and 25% of Gross Production Cost.

Stunts, Animals, Precision Driving (Now Available)

Stunts, animals, and precision driving scenes are now available as a buyback option for the Adult Entertainment program.

Multiple scenes can be declared to a single production and quoted online.

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